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Discos and music bars in Prague

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Discos in Prague, Clubs and Music Bars

Prague's nightlife is known for its wide variety of cheap and trendy bars, Clubs und Discos. A visit to the following facilities is certainly a fun. We hope you enjoy the nightlife of the metropolis!

Disco Clubs Musikbars im Prager Nachtleben

This list is not completely safe, and as in other countries, changes especially in the area of ​​bars and clubs so what ever, to change hands, of a store is closing down, the other recently. The said establishments are already many successful years in the market and have a decent value for money:


By car to Prague

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Traffic in Prague and the Czech Republic

The alcohol limit is different than in Germany 0,0 Per thousand and the Czech police officers check also like tourist vehicles and their occupants on the influence of alcohol.

Autofahrt nach Prag

Are you with the car traveling in the Czech Republic and Prague, You must also take the usual daytime headlights on all roads in the country. In activly to a fine of up 2000,- Czech crowns and 1 Point. In addition, is also in the Czech Republic, As in other European countries, the seatbelts.