The well-kept old town, also as Old town square known

Ansicht der Prager Altstadt von oben mit Fischaugen-Objektiv

Old town square

The old town of Prague is the perfect starting point for a sightseeing tour of the city, you are from but from there quickly with many attractions. Either you go on your own, or join a professional tour of Prague.

The historic town hall, the Týn church, the Hussite Church St. Niklas in old town, Palais Kinský, the House "to the stone Bell" and other worth seeing buildings surrounding the square.

The square in the old town is a 9000 QM huge and offers lots of variety: You can discover a delicious local dish in many restaurants and a cool beer in one of the many Pubs and bars taste of the town.

The Prague Castle Castle

Die sehenswerte Prager Burg im Reiseführer Prags

Prague Castle

On the Castle Hill is the impressive Castle of Prague Castle, the President of the Czech Republic, it serves as residence.

But not only the castle itself is worth a visit, but also some other attractions within the castle walls. The largest Cathedral of in the Czech Republic, the St. Vitus Cathedral about, right next door is the obelisk as a memorial to the victims of the first world war. A little further on is Golden streets, in the earlier alchemists have tried, to produce artificial gold.

The astronomical clock of the historic town hall

astronomische Uhr in Prag - kostenlose Sehenswürdigkeit Prags

Aston will watch

At the South side of the old town hall draw thousands of tourists from all over the world on the hour your phone, Camera or I-rgendwas. Already in the middle ages to the Wonders of the world related clock strikes like a bomb!

12 IMP appear in turn and be booming the entry in a new hour, unique in the world, This creates no other machine of unit of time.


The dancing House is one of the city's modern landmarks

das tanzende Haus ist eines der modernen Wahrzeichen der Stadt

Dancing House

Curved Movements one Dancer in one Real estate are rather more rare, and even in this beauty – is found only in the world city of Prague! 1996 the wavy on the Vltava River was built and has only 20 Years under the belt. Who other than the architect Frank O. Gehry, the already similar to curved buildings created, may the spiritual father of this House be. The House next to it was by Vaclav Havel 1900 built. His eponymous grandson was yes a time President in the Czech Republic.


The Charles Bridge offers great views of pedestrians

Die Steinerne BrückeIt is one of the oldest stone bridges in Europe: The Charles Bridge about the Moldova. It is bordered by two towers only for pedestrians Open, heavily frequented almost around the clock, and an absolute must for any visitor to Prague. The stone bridge connects the Old town with the district Malá strana. It received its current name only in 1870, is a landmark of the city and is one of the national cultural monuments. About the 516 The Royal route of the Bohemian Kings led meters long and 10 meters wide overpass.

The Petrin Tower

The former transmitter Tower Petrin

The Petrin Tower

The Look-out Tower Petrin It is located on the 318 Meters high Petrin Hill in the District of Mala Strana . The 63,5 Meter high tower was on the occasion of the exhibition at 20. August 1891 opened as a smaller replica of the Parisian Eiffel Tower and comprehensive views of Prague and the surrounding.

Start of construction was 16. March 1891. 1953 installed a television antenna on the Tower. 1991 the tower could be opened to the public again after several years of renovation and will no longer use for radio purposes.

The Prague metro

Prague Metro escalators

Escalators Metro Praha

The Prague metro certainly has some of the most deeply U railroad lines in Europe. The also first struck us, When we misery long escalators to the Stations in the Centre down went. Since you're yelling above “Hadidi”, but under the sounds none, so long are. The Prague metro is a "free system", where are located at the entrances to the Metro no locks or similar bodies.

A can be found in many of the older stations of the line architectural elements from the 1970He Years. Held in different colours, slightly convex or concave, convex or flat glass- and aluminum tiles.

Sanctuary of Loreto


Loreto Chapel

The as Loreto-Loreto designated places of pilgrimage has always been among the most visited in the Catholic World. After the victory of the Habsburgs at the battle of white mountain, 1621, led a comprehensive re Christianization process establishing Loreto pilgrimage in Bohemia. It appeared at the time as a suitable means, to regain the interest of the Czech population in the Catholic religion. In Prague there is a windowless House, a replica of the in the Italian town of Loreto in the province of Ancona currently Casa santa is.


John Lennon wall

Lennon wall prague

John Lennon wall

The John Lennon wall is a colorful wall full of street art graffiti. It is located opposite the French Embassy, close to the Charles Bridge. Although Lennon was never in Prague, This wall was named after the English artist and songwriter. At that time, the modern music of the Western world in the Communist Czech Republic was prohibited.

After John Lennon 1980 was shot, someone painted as Lennon's portrait on the wall in the Centre of Prague with some quotes of his songs one night GIve peace a chance. This music and her public citations were highly subversive and directed against the State. The quotes and doodle on the wall grew more and more, and were supplemented with local issues.

The Prague National Theatre provides Opera, Dramas and Ballet

Opern und Ballettaufführungen im prager Nationaltheater

The Jewish cemetery in the district Josefov

Der jüdische Freidhof in Prag


The Vltava River flows through Prague, or is it Venice?

in Prag fliesst die Moldau durch, fast wie in Venedig

Artists sit in modern Prague in scene

einige eingemauerte Schuhe

Musicians play old and new ways

Musiker mit Ziehharmonika und Flöte

Even at night, Prague makes a good figure

Prag in der Nacht fotografiert

In Prague you can find also some Shopping Center

Zentrum des Shoppings in Prag

One of the great classic cars

ein toller Oldtimer in Prag

Prague Jazz – Culture

Jazz in Prag

Museums the main city of in the Czech Republic

Museen in Prag

National Gallery of modern art

Statue vor dem Eingang zum Kunstmuseum

Karlštejn Castle

BurgKarltein bei Prag mit blauem Dach