When shopping in Prague?

Opening hours for most Prague shops: By 9.00 Watch up to 18.00 Watch, Monday to Friday. Many shops close midday on Saturday. Department stores and supermarkets are typically up to 20:00 Watch open from Monday to Sunday. Most banks are by 8.00 until 17:00 Open, Monday to Friday.

Sicht von oben auf Prager Altstadt

The market in Prague offers always fresh vegetables and fruits from the area of agriculturally well used and fertile soil. Attractions like galleries, Churches and museums are except Mondays usually by 09.00 Watch up to 18.00 Open.

Ticket prices and admission for museums range from 100 Czech Crowns to 350 Czech Crowns.

The bars and pubs of the city are generally up 24:00 Open, for night lovers, there are also local, that have opened up in the early hours of the morning. Just for the night owls, Prague has a lot to offer.

Public holidays in the Czech Republic

public holidays

1. January – New year's day
Easter Monday
1. May – Labour day
8. May – Day of liberation from fascism (1945)
5. July – Holiday of Slavic belief messengers Cyril and find
6. July – Day of remembrance for master of Jan Hus (1415)
28. September – Day of Czech statehood
28. October – National day (Establishment of the State 1918)
17. November – Day of the fight for freedom and democracy (1989)
All souls day
24. December – Christmas Eve
25. December – 1. Christmas day
26. December – 2. Christmas day

Public holidays are days of rest of the work in the Czech Republic. The vast number of shops is not open, Banks are also, Pharmacies, Closed post offices and authorities.

Opening hours of the Prague Castle