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Taxi and Threshold

A taxi ride within the city of Prague will cost a base price of 40 Crowns, the mileage costs approximately 30 Crowns at Beech.


Ein Taxi in Prag



From the airport to the Old Town of Prague taxi will cost approximately 6-700 Crowns, from the old town of Prague is the Prague Castle for the taxi about 300 to 400 To pay for crowns. On the side of Prag Airport Taxi You can find the latest prices and can order a taxi online. It makes sense, to negotiate the price in advance with the Taxista.
The Taxistas speak mostly English, often also German, at least the numbers and understand the places they intended. Caution, if the Taxista can not speak English or German with you or wants. Then prefer to take a colleague, then there is no major (Voice) Problems.


Airport in Prague


To get to the example at the airport, Terminal landet man dort am 2 from the countries of the Schengen Agreement. A detailed look at the ATM at the airport.


Flughafen in Prag



Why you should avoid the exchange offices, is in Article “From the airport to the city of Prague”. The public bus stops right outside the terminal and bring you safely, but a bit slower than a taxi, Prague's center.
The bus ticket costs for 90 Minute bus ride currently in Prague 32 Crowns. Is an all-day ticket for it 110 Crowns and a 3-day ticket
310 Crowns.
Drag the corresponding number of crowns from the vending machine, how in between for now benötigen.Vielleicht a few more crowns for the little thirst. Possibly “runs” You, too this or that delicious beer, or a sandwich on the way.


Metro in Prague


The pünkliche clean and Prague Metro is published annually by 600 Million passengers used. The subway features 3 Lines and 57 Stations.


Rolltreppe zur Metro in Prag



The metro lines are available:

Line A (Green) – from east to west
Line B (Yellow) – from east to west
Linie C (Red) – from north to south

We have 2 new lines and new stations planned.


Flight to Prague


Start looking for a flight to Prague, you can at the many offerings of airlines, Prague as the destination have in their portfolio, sure to find one or the other Bargain. On our side of Cheap flights to Prague you will certainly find the right offer for you specially from a wealth of flight offers.


By bus or remote bus to Prague


Some bus companies in Germany as a travel destination in Prague Program. If you have multiple people, about when a class trip, can a coach worth priced quite. On the Internet there are many to offer bus tours to Prague. The beginning 2013 new long-distance bus ride by some cities in Germany to Prague.


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