Arriving by train


By Alex to Prague


Prague Main (Wilson) station, the central station. This is approached, inter alia, of trains from the direction of Nuremberg. The “Alex”, the daily Munich connects to change trains via Regensburg / Schwandorf for regional transport plan with Prague, also ends here. The direct SCs Prague – Vienna and the night train with coaches to / from Vienna to start or. end here. And can be reached from the main train all regions of the Czech Republic. Also, start and end here, the two trains to and from Zurich .in Switzerland The CNL “Canpous” runs over Dresden, Leipzig, Frankfurt and Basel. The express train “Matthias Braun”/”Viennese Waltz” rolls over Linz, Salzburg and Innsbruck, here the tickets are cheaper than in the CNL.

Prague-HoleΕ‘ovice, if you come from Dresden. This is a little further away from the city center (30 Minute walk), but has links to the metro network. This station is from the ECs between Budapest and Berlin / Hamburg and the ECs Vienna-Prague(-Berlin) approached, which, however, as the next station Praha Hlavni nadrazi serving.

Praha-SmΓ­chov: Located in the western part of the city, the fast trains from Central Station to Plzen / Cheb hold also, as well as the Alex from Munich. There is a connection to the subway, as well as numerous tram lines. Nearby there is a larger shopping center.

Praha-Masaryk: Interesting only for domestic services. From here start fast trains to Ústí nad Labem and Cheb. The train station is only 5 Located minutes walk from Central Station. He does not have foreign connections.

A very cheap way, from Bavaria to travel by train to Prague, is the Bavaria-Bohemia Ticket Deutsche Bahn for up to 5 People in local trains. Included in the ticket are all lines in Bavaria and the Bavarian-Czech border region. How to get this ticket, for example, to to Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary) or Pilsen (Plzen). There you can buy a port map of Czech Railways (Czech Railways CD), which is often available for less money. How much does a trip from Pilsen to Prague only about 6-10 €.



By Bus Prague is Berlin Linien Bus, To achieve regional transport Dresden and Euro Lines low.

Since August 2009 is u.a of the DB Bahn. from Nuremberg several times a week the “Express Prague” used.

The trip from Nuremberg to Prague in the modern, farming coach takes i.d.R. 3:45 Hours; one way (reservations required) in the 2. Class costs in the tariff “Europe Special” EUR 19,00; in the 1. Category EURO 29,00(Stand:July 2011).

From Vienna, Prague is well with the Eurolines available, can also be booked through the website of the Westbus. The WESTbus drives in addition to the Euro Lines connection from Vienna, nor of Graz and Linz directly to the Prague Main Railway Station. The bus is cheaper than the web in any case, and also faster.


  • Bus St. Wilson: Nuremberg
  • UAN Florenc Bus Terminal: Czech Budejovice, Linz, Vienna, Plzeň – Munich – St. Gallen – Zurich – Bern – Geneva

Guests arriving by car


What you should consider are the names of the signs, otherwise the city is well signposted. The traffic density increases, the closer you get to the center.

Out of town valid: the obsolete faster! The roads are not always in a good condition, after the winter there are many potholes.

A vignette is compulsory for cars, who drives a motorcycle, no need to buy. In the entire city of Prague are no parking or parking fees Required!


Flight to Prague

Start looking for a flight to Prague, you can at the many offerings of airlines, Prague as the destination have in their portfolio, sure to find one or the other Bargain. On our side of Cheap flights to Prague you will surely find the right offer for you specially from a wealth of flight deals.

The Vaclav Havel Prague Airport (PRG) is the international airport in the Czech capital and also serves as a hub for the national carrier CSA Czech Airlines. It is located about 15 miles west of downtown and has both modern passenger terminal 1 and 2.

The following airlines fly Prague-RuzynΔ› from German speaking out on (all 2abgefertigt in terminal):

  • Austrian Airlines from Vienna
  • CSA Czech Airlines from Berlin-Tegel, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Geneva, Hamburg, Hannover and Zurich
  • German Wings from Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Cologne / Bonn
  • Lufthansa from Frankfurt on MayFlughafen in Pragn and Munich
  • Swiss Basel, Geneva and Zurich

To get to the example at the airport, Terminal landet man dort am 2, at least from the countries of the Schengen Agreement. A detailed look at the ATM at the airport.



Why you should avoid the exchange offices, is in Article “From the airport to the city of Prague“.
Drag the corresponding number of crowns from the vending machine, as you need for now.

Perhaps a few more crowns in between for the small thirst. Possibly “runs” You, too this or that delicious beer, or a sandwich on the way.

Urban Mobility

Prague has an excellent public transport system, with which one can move conveniently located in the city. A single ticket costs 32 Crowns (as. 1,20 Euro). It is worth it, Day- to buy or 3-day tickets, since these are valid for all public transport (Bus, Tram and Metro). Better than a 3-day ticket (310 Kronen as. € 11,30) is respectively 24 To buy tickets hours, this cost 110 Crowns (as. € 4). In general, one should always remember, his ticket stamped / devalue, since otherwise regarded as Dodger and the penalties for a “Replacement ticket” are quite high. For more information about prices, Departure times u.Γ€. can be found on the website of the Prague Public Transport Company (Caution, updated timetables are available only in Czech version).

Taxi and Threshold

A taxi ride within the city of Prague will cost a base price of 40 Crowns, the mileage costs approximately 30 Crowns at Beech.


Ein Taxi in Prag



From the airport to the Old Town of Prague taxi will cost approximately 6-700 Crowns, from the old town of Prague is the Prague Castle for the taxi about 300 to 400 To pay for crowns. On the side of Prag Airport Taxi You can find the latest prices and can order a taxi online. It makes sense, to negotiate the price in advance with the Taxista.
The Taxistas speak mostly English, often also German, at least the numbers and understand the places they intended. Caution, if the Taxista can not speak English or German with you or wants. Then prefer to take a colleague, then there is no major (Voice) Problems.

Metro in Prague

The pΓΌnkliche clean and Prague Metro is published annually by 600 Million passengers used. The subway features 3 Lines and 57 Stations.


Rolltreppe zur Metro in Prag



The metro lines are available:

Line A (Green) – from east to west
Line B (Yellow) – from east to west
Linie C (Red) – from north to south

We have 2 new lines and new stations planned.