Arrival by train

Alex train to Prague

With Alex to Prague


Prices for the trip to Prague by train

The Deutsche Bahn currently advertises in the spring/summer 2015 with the slogan

“Take the train to Prague from 39,- Euro – the Golden City is located!”

Another cheap way, to travel to Prague by train from Bavaria, is it Bavaria-Bohemia Ticket the Deutsche Bahn for up to 5 People in commuter trains. All routes in Bavaria and the Bavarian-Czech border area are included in the ticket. So it comes with this ticket, for example, up to Karlovy Vary (Karlovy Vary) or Pilsen (Plzen). Where to buy a connection map of Czech railways (Česke railways CD), which is often available for very little money. So a trip from Plzeň to Prague cost only about 6-10 €.

Praha Hlavní (Wilsonovo) nádraží

is the central station of the Golden City. It is served by trains from the direction of Nuremberg, among others. The “Alex”, the daily Munich to transfer free connects via Regensburg/Schwandorf to the regional transport fare to Prague, ends here. The direct SCs Prague – Vienna and the night train with coaches from/to Vienna to start or. end here. Also can be reached from the central train station all regions of in the Czech Republic. Also, start and end .in of the Switzerland of the CNL here the two trains to and from Zurich “Canpous” via Dresden, Leipzig, Frankfurt am Main and Basel. The express train “Matthias Braun”/”Viennese Waltz” rolls over Linz, Salzburg and Innsbruck, Here, the tickets are cheaper than in the CNL.


is the destination station, If you come from direction Dresden. This is a little further away from the city centre (30 Minutes on foot), but has connection to the metro network. This station is the ECS between Budapest and Berlin/Hamburg and the ECs Vienna-Prague(-Berlin) hit by a car, which however as the next station Hlavni nadrazi operate also Praha.


Located in the western part of the city, the express trains from main station to Plzen/Cheb stop here also, as Alex from Munich. There is access to the underground, as well as to numerous tram lines. A larger shopping centre is nearby.

Praha Masarykovo

Interesting only for domestic traffic. From here trains start to Ústí of nad Labem and Cheb. The station is located just 5 Minutes walk from the main train station. He has no foreign links.

Bus trip to Prague

Eurolines-bus to Prague

Bus Prague with Berlin's bus lines, Regionalverkehr Dresden and Eurolines cheap to reach.

Since many years he is by the railway from Nuremberg several times a week “Express bus Prague” used.

The drive from Nuremberg to Prague in the modern, well managed coach takes usually about 4 Hours; the one-way (subject to a reservation) in the 2. Class costs in the tariff “Europe-special” EUR 19,00; in the 1. Class EURO 29,00. These prices are of course subject to availability and may change at any time. Currently, Eurolines touts off even with prices 9.- Euro:

Special bus to Prague

Super special savings rates to Prague there are bus connections

From Vienna, Prague is good with the Remote bus by Eurolines accessible, can be booked through the website of the West bus. The West bus in addition to the Eurolines service from Vienna, from Graz and Linz to the Prague main railway station. The bus is usually cheaper than the railway, but not always faster, It depends as always on traffic; Traffic jams are possible, just in the peak tourist season., during peak times such as Easter, Pentecost etc.

Eurolines offers currently in April 2015 as Departure cities in Germany the following cities in: Aachen, Augsburg, Berlin, Braunschweig, Dresden, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Hamburg, Hanover, Heidelberg, Ingolstadt, Karlsruhe, Cologne, Magdeburg, Mannheim, Munich, Nuremberg, Regensburg, Saarbrücken, Stuttgart and Ulm.

In some places of departure, there is the option for you, in the Business class to travel. Advantages of this type of travel: high-quality seats offer more legroom, interesting just for tall customers. Also WiFi, 240 Volt power supply, Magazines and newspapers, as well as a bottle of high quality water is included in the price here.

Prague has two important Bus stations: Florenc and Rotzyly. The international long-distance buses arrive almost always in Florenc. Metro station take B or C then the metro lines in about 5 Minutes directly in the Centre of Prague.

With the car

Driving a car Prague

What should be considered, are the names of the signs, otherwise, the city is well sign-posted. Increasing the density of traffic, the closer you get to the Centre. Is out of town: overhauled the faster! The roads are in good condition, After the winter, there are very many potholes. One Motorway vignette is compulsory for cars, who's driving the motorcycle, can go without this issue to Prague.

Example of vignettes in the Czech Republic in the year 2015

Example: Vignette Czech Republic 2015

Vignette prices the motorways in the Czech Republic for cars up to 3,5 Tons currently in summer 2015:
1 Valid for week – 310,- CZK (D)

1 Valid month – 440,- CZK (M)

Annual coupon – 1.500,- CZK (R)

Sanctions: Used toll roads without valid vignette, can a fine up to 5 000 CZK (in administrative procedures to 500 000 CZK) collected.

The entire downtown of Prague is no parking or parking fees mandatory. The Prague integrated transit system includes also selected Park&Ride reception car parking facilities, you are in the vicinity of public transport. There is secure parking with direct access to the underground, for a fee of 10,- Is to pay CZK – regardless of the parking period.

Park-and-Ride parking can be found at the following locations:

Prague 4, Chilská road (Metro line C, Station Opatov)
Prague 5, Bucharova road (Metro line B, Station Nové Butovice)
Prague 5, Radlická Street (Metro line B, Radlická station)
Prague 5, Zličín (Metro line B, Station Zličín)
Prague 5, Radotín (at the railway station)
Prague 7, Holešovice railway station (Metro line C, Station Nádraží Holešovice)
Prague 8, Palmovka (Metro line B, Station Palmovka)
Prague 9, Cíglerova road (Metro line B, Station Rajská zahrada)
Prague 9, Chlumecká Street (Metro line B, Station Černy most)
Prague 10, V Rybníčkách road (Metro line A, Station Skalka)

After completion of the Metro operation to 1.00 Watch at night close parking. Unclaimed vehicles will a fee of 100,- CZK due.

Tschischen rules of the road largely correspond to EU regulations. There is however absolute for motorists Alcohol prohibition and it must be also during the day with low beam be driven. The Top speed is for passenger cars 130 km/h on motorways, 90 km/h on country roads and 50 km/h in towns. You have seat belt, Children must be secured with appropriate child seats. Cell phones may be used while driving like in Germany only with hands-free equipment.


Flight to Prague

Flughafen in Prag
Search for a flight to Prague, can you get for the many offers of airlines, the Prague as a destination in their portfolio have, sure to find the one or other bargains. On our page about Cheap flights to Prague sure to find for you specifically offer from a wealth of flight offers.

But often, the offer is not so great as the advertising campaigns promise. A flight from 19.- Euro will be then already very rar and hard to find. A current test in the summer 2015 shows an example of the price, as it probably also very often occurs in practice, because you have been with the 200 Euro more count on spending for the flight 😉

Price example flight according to Prag cheap flight

Prices for a flight to Prague in April 2015 at one of the cheap flight comparison sites

The Václav Havel Prague Airport (PRG) is an international airport in the Czech capital and ČSA as a hub of the national carrier Czech Airlines. It is located approximately 15 km west of the city centre and features the two modern passenger terminals 1 and 2.

Prague Ruzyně Airport the following airlines fly from speaking out on (all are in Terminal 2 handled):

  • Austrian Airlines from Vienna
  • ČSA Czech Airlines from Berlin Tegel, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Geneva, Hamburg, Hannover and Zurich
  • Germanwings from Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Cologne/Bonn
  • Lufthansa from Frankfurt am Main and Munich
  • Swiss from Basel, Geneva and Zurich

You arrive at the airport, There you arrive at the Terminal 2, at least from the countries of the Schengen Agreement. Then it spreads at an ATM at the airport.

Why you should simply avoid the bureaux de change, in the article “From the airport in the city of Prague“. Pull many crowns from the machine, as you need for the first. Maybe a few crowns more for the small hunger between meals. Possibly “runs” Them also the one or other delicious PILS, or a sandwich on the way.

Urban mobility

Prague has an excellent public transport system, with which one can conveniently move in the city. The single ticket costs 32 Crowns (CA. 1,20 Euro). It is worth, Day- or 3-day tickets to buy, Since these are valid for all public means of transport (Bus, Tram and Metro). Better than a 3-day-ticket (310 Crowns ca. € 11,30) is it each 24 Hours to buy tickets, This cost 110 Crowns (CA. € 4). Generally you should always remember, to stamp his ticket / validate, Since you otherwise applies as a Dodger and the penalties for a “Replacement ticket” are quite high. For more information about prices, Departure times etc. can you find on the website of Prague transport company (Attention, updated schedules are available only in Czech version).

Taxi in Prague

A ride with the taxi in the city Prague carries a base price of 40 Crowns, beats the mileage with approximately 30 Crowns to beech.


Ein Taxi in Prag

From the airport in Prague's old town, the taxi about costs 6-700 Crowns, from the old town of Prague to Prague Castle is for the taxi about 300 until 400 Crowns to pay. On the side of the Prague airport taxi find the current prices and can book a taxi online. It makes sense, to negotiate the price in advance with the taxista.
The Taxistas speak mostly English, often also German, at least the numbers and the places understand you. Caution, If neither English nor German talk the taxista can or wants to. Better to take a colleague, then, there's no greater (Voice) Problems.

Metro in Prague

The timely and clean Prague metro annually by 600 Used million passengers. The subway has over 3 Lines and 57 Stations.


Rolltreppe zur Metro in Prag

The metro lines available are:

Line A (Green) – from the East to the West
Line B (Yellow) – from the East to the West
Line C (Red) – from North to South

Are up-to-date 2 new lines and new stations in planning.