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Shopping in Prag

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Prague, the beautiful Czech capital on the Vltava River boasts plenty of big city flair and culture. More and more people are attracted to this fascinating city and experience a magical world of art and modernity.


Shopping Guide – for your shopping tour in Prague


This architectural gem has always been inspired famous artists such as Franz Kafka and Antonin Dvorak.

prager einkaufszentrum


The golden city has over the years not lost its charm and continues to attract many visitors under its spell.

Prague, meanwhile, has made a name as a shopping mall, and many people love, to stroll through the old streets and to discover the odd bargain or a rarity.


A walk through Prague


You have always wanted to experience the authentic Prague?

Fashion capital Prague

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Who loves fashion, is happy with security in Prague. Especially for those, who renounce the mainstream and express their individuality through fashion primarily, is becoming a secret fashion metropolis par excellence. Correct secret is this tip do not stay long, however, more! Because in the Czech capital is not only booming tourism.


Prague – the new fashion capital


Besides the architectural highlights, like the famous Wenceslas Square, or Prague Castle with St. Vitus Cathedral, have distinguished themselves among the well over a million inhabitants, promising fashion professionals. Prague is a fashion metropolis on the way, integrate themselves into the ranks of international fashion capitals.


The new fashion capital of the East


The Prague Spring is a perfect match of the new flair especially in the center of Prague. The Arts- and fashion scene has to offer while more, as a gifted portrait painter on the Charles Bridge.

Modeschau Prag

The capital offers a growing fashion capital the perfect contrast for the young avant-garde of fashion industry.

Prague – From the airport to the city


The Prague-Ruzyne International 17 Kilometers from the city center of Prague. The journey from airport to Prague's Old Town takes about an hour by public transport, those who like it can quickly take a taxi from the airport to the city with little traffic in about 25-30 Minutes drive.


From the airport to the city of Prague


Panoramabil Prag


In the arrivals hall of the airport, the tourist office located with friendly staff, the most powerful of the German and English are. Ask them also to the free city map. Pull cash from the machines at the airport!

For exchanging Euro in Czech crowns, there are also these exchange offices at the airport. This live currency exchange offices of Commission, So you get a slightly worse price. In addition, there is a case Rick:

It is on the plate, be displayed on the exchange rates, a better exchange rate offered. This is obtained only, when very large quantities Barem, namely 2501 Euro, switching into. Go about 200 Euro, then you get an even worse price.

The Prague lintels

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Has to be an important and well-known incident in the history lessons of the Defenestration of Prague manifests. The term actually covers three major events in European history, located in the Bohemian Prague abspielten.


The historic falls from window in Prague


Soldaten beim Wachwechsel in der Prager Burg

Here, in the context of history teaching as Prague's first Fentersturz the early struggles of the Hussites in the year 1419 n.Chr. mediated. These were the Mayor, a court assistant, five municipal councils, two councilors and a servant from the window of the New Town Hall at Karlsplatz thrown in Prague, order to liberate previously captured combatants.

In second window lintel throwing supporters of the Protestants on 23. May 1618 after a sham show trial three of the governors of the then king of a window of Prague Castle in the Moat.
All three, however, survived the fall in almost 20 Meters. This was seen as the reason and causes of the Thirty Years' War 1618 to 1648 entered into the history books.
Here fought Bohemian Protestants and Catholic Habsburgs. A war of religion on the one hand because, and also because of the brutal exercise of power of the then ruling Hapsburg estates.

As third defenestration of Prague is suspected of murder in March of this year 1948 called on the former Czech Foreign Minister Jan Masaryk, who was found dead at his office window.
In February 1948 acquired before the Communist Party, the Communist Party, under the so-called coup in February, the government in the Czech Republic.

Discos and music bars in Prague

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Discos in Prague, Clubs and Music Bars

Prague's nightlife is known for its wide variety of cheap and trendy bars, Clubs und Discos. A visit to the following facilities is certainly a fun. We hope you enjoy the nightlife of the metropolis!

Disco Clubs Musikbars im Prager Nachtleben

This list is not completely safe, and as in other countries, changes especially in the area of ​​bars and clubs so what ever, to change hands, of a store is closing down, the other recently. The said establishments are already many successful years in the market and have a decent value for money:


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