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  • Restaurant Gran Fierro Prag 1

    Restaurant Gran Fierro Prag 1

    The interior of the restaurant, started out is a bit of a challenge. The Gran Fierro is located near the National Theatre, in the street Vorsilska. Here, in a room with high ceilings, the a […]

  • Bier trinken in Prag – wo genießen?

    Drinking beer in Prague – where enjoy?

    The consumption of beer in the Czech Republic takes many followers, and not just in Pilsen. Has always been a wide variety of beers are brewed especially in Bohemia. In the 18. Century there were almost […]

  • Die böhmischen Kronjuwelen

    The Bohemian Crown Jewels

    The Prague Castle, as well as the nature reserves, archaeological finds, are recorded, as the primary parts of the Czech National Heritage. The Bohemian Crown Jewels are second of these national legacies. The Crown Jewels […]

  • Prager Burg: Öffnungszeiten und Preise

    Prague Castle: Opening times and prices

    The Prague Castle is a must for anyone visiting the city. Who wants to visit them, should bring a little perseverance. The ascent on foot over the Castle stairs is beautiful […]

  • Welche Prager Museen sind interessant?

    Which Prague museums are interesting?

    Some great overview of some museums in Prague There are a number of interesting large and small museums in Prague. They are constantly well maintained and are not only on rainy days […]

  • Prager Schinken

    Prague ham

    Ham has several meanings. The word originally referred to the "leg" in the sense of "bones". Together with "legs" it comes from the Indo-European root for "wrong, from crooked " (presumably because of the curvature […]

  • Alternative Sehenswürdigkeiten Prags

    Alternative sites of Prague

    John Lennon Wall The Lennon Wall was once an ordinary old city wall in Prague, but since the 1980s it is painted with graffiti inspired John Lennon and parts of Beatles lyrics. […]

  • Mit welcher Währung in Prag bezahlen?

    Checkout with which currency in Prague?

    In the Czech capital Prague is considered as in the rest of the country, the national currency of the Czech crown as the default when paying services, Lodging or goods. How in relevant […]

  • Prager Frühling

    Prague Spring

    The Prague Spring (tschechisch Prague Spring, Slovak Pražská jar) is the name given to the efforts of the Czechoslovak Communist Party (KPČ) Alexander Dubček under in the spring 1968, a liberalization- and democratization program […]

  • Prager Hotels

    Prager Hotels

    Book your hotel in Prague The following search you will surely find a suitable hotel for your stay in Prague:   Hotel of the month in Prague “Guesthouse U Zlateho Stromu on the golden […]