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  • Shoppen in Prag

    Shopping in Prag

    Prague, the beautiful Czech capital on the Vltava River boasts plenty of big city flair and culture. More and more people tend to be attracted by this fascinating city and experience a world […]

  • Modemetropole Prag

    Fashion capital Prague

    Who loves fashion, is happy with security in Prague. Especially for those, who renounce the mainstream and express their individuality through fashion primarily, is becoming a fashion metropolis par tip […]

  • Prag – Vom Flughafen in die Stadt

    Prague – From the airport to the city

    The Prague-Ruzyne International 17 Kilometers from the city center of Prague. The journey from airport to Prague's Old Town takes about an hour by public transport, can if you like it faster […]

  • Die Prager Fensterstürze

    The Prague lintels

    Has to be an important and well-known incident in the history lessons of the Defenestration of Prague manifests. The term actually covers three major events in European history, in the Czech Prague […]

  • Discotheken und Musikbars in Prag

    Discos and music bars in Prague

    Discos in Prague, Clubs and music bars Prague's nightlife is known for its abundant supply of cheap and trendy bars, Clubs und Discos. A visit to the following facilities is certainly a fun. […]

  • Mit dem Auto nach Prag

    By car to Prague

    Transportation in Prague and the Czech Republic The blood alcohol limit is different than in Germany at 0,0 Per thousand and the Czech police officers check also like tourist vehicles and their occupants on the influence of alcohol. Are […]

  • Einreise nach Prag und Tschechien

    Travel to Prague and the Czech Republic

    Entry in the Czech Republic for a trip to Prague in the Czech Republic or generally you need the usual documents, which are also in other European countries with it […]

  • Über den Dächern Prags

    City Break to Prague

    Prague City Tour With about 1,4 Million inhabitants, Prague is the most populous city and the capital of the Czech Republic. Just visit but the sights of Prague in […]

  • Öffnungszeiten und Feiertage

    Opening times and holidays

    When shopping in Prague?   Opening times for most Prague shops: Of 9.00 Clock up 18.00 Clock, Monday to Friday. On Saturday, many shops are closing at noon. Department stores and supermarkets […]